The success story of the BHT Company has been due to our commitment to customer satisfaction in the last 30 years.

Conforming to the relevant international quality standards for all of our customer orders and/or contracts has put us on a challenging and leading position in the industry. We have thus been able to handle our most complex technical problems with ease and have been at the forefront of development of the timely and innovative technologies and thus have established a unique position for BHT in the market place.

If you are looking for a replacement of spare part, which has been manufactured more than 10 years ago or older; we shall be glad to manufacture that spare part and address the associated technical problems using the new materials and methodologies for you.

The new part will be compatible with and would easily interface with your existing system. The total process will be carried out in close cooperation and coordination with your technical staff members to facilitate the smooth transition and change over of the old with the new spare part. In the end the old spare part will be changed with a new and superior quality replacement.

Innovation is the daily approach to our business at BHT.