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BHT Electric-Control-Mechanic Company has more than 30 years’ experience as a multi-service provider of manufacturing and engineering high-quality parts such as turbine components, electrical and control modules, analog and digital boards, as well as instrumentation devices for wind, solar & fossil power generations, petrochemicals, oil and gas, railway, cement, steel & paper industries worldwide.

At BHT, we focus on offering customers in 6 main categories:

  • Electrical parts
  • Control modules (Analog / Digital boards) and automation systems
  • Mechanical spare parts and turbo-machinery components
  • Couplings for drive systems
  • Instrumentation products and equipments (I&C)
  • Raw materials for industries

In addition, we also provide procurement of spare parts and OEM products, machineries, international trading, as well as engineering and reverse-engineering. BHT is also known for its global punctual delivery and competitive prices.

Reverse-engineering and manufacturing services:

If your original supplier no longer exists or a product or part has been discontinued, we can help. It doesn’t matter what product you need, we offer wide range of spare parts for turbines, from re-engineered electrical devices, control boards and mechanical components, to any custom-designed parts to meet your exact configurations according to your “Sample” or “Drawing”. Our quality control process ensures that all replacement supplied parts meet OEM-specifications.


Instrumentation (Mechanical or Electrical), Circuit boards (Analog & Digital), Controling systems, Data loggers, Valves, Pumps, Motors, Compressors, Spare parts for HP & LP Baypass valves & Actuators, Couplings & Gears, Hydraulic and Pneumatic components, Pipes & Wires, Metal sheets & raw materials, heat shields, Segments & Hot parts, locking blades, Bolts, Nuts & springs, Expansion screws, Retaining rings, Insulation Materials, Filters, Gaskets & Sealings, Refractory bricks and holders, Electrolyzers, Generally spare parts for Gas & steam Turbines. More


Reverse-engineering, engineering, manufacturing, design, procurement of spare parts & machineries, import & export, project management, implementation – you can benefit from our current knowledge, network and our years of experience. More


No matter what kind of material – we process your parts with highest quality and the greatest experience for you. Thus it is always possible to improve your components even further. More