Products for Power, Cement, Steel, Railway, Mining, petrochemicals, Gas, Oil, wood & Paper Industries

(Electrical, Mechanical & Instruments)

Products and components – make your decision. No matter which spare parts you need, we provide high-quality products & replacements as follows:

Please take a look at the left column as sample of those components, which we have already provided for our customers as replacement parts.

Mechanical products and components:

  • Turbine Segments and heat shields, brick holders, Nozzles, Buckets, Rotor & Stator Blades and Vanes, Locking blades, Shroud blocks, Baskets, Supporting piece & all associated spare parts for Steam, Gas & Wind turbines.
  • Burners, Combustion Chambers, Fixings, Refractory Bricks and holders, Transition pieces, Combustion Liners, Tubes and Baskets.
  • Spare parts for HP, LP, Stop & Reheat bypass valves & Actuators, Inconel Bolts, Nuts & Springs, Discs, Pins, Expansion screws and coupling bolts.
  • Spare parts for Generators, Non-Magnetic Retaining rings, Insulation parts & Materials.
  • All kind of Couplings (gear couplings, tooth couplings, Hydraulic couplings, bending and flexible couplings, Flexible disc membrane coupling, clutches).
  • Any kind of bearing & Housing (SKF, FAG, INA, NSK, FAFNIR, Luk, RHP, TIMKEN, etc.). Gear boxes, Speed accelerators and reducers, Journal & Trust Bearings.
  • Valves, Actuators and Fittings (ball, shut-off, tapered plug, diaphragm, gate, safety, control, check, globe, butterfly, magnetic, Solenoid, Servo valves), flanges.
  • Pumps, Compressors, Chillers and relative spare parts.
  • Spare parts for Boilers/Heat Exchangers. Tubes & formed pipes, Seamless Tubes, Fin tubes, Basket elements for Air Preheaters , Metal Sheets, Coils, Wires, Plates and profiles (Super alloys).
  • Spare parts for Wind turbines Type Vestas V47 (660KW)
  • Expansion joints for Power industries.

Electrical & Control Products:

  • Circuit boards (Analog & Digital cards), DCS Modules, Spare boards for control & automation systems, 1~ 8 layers Printed Circuit Boards (PCB), Data acquisitions & Data-loggers, Monitoring & control systems, Retrofitting of old control systems type GE Speedtronic Mark I, Mark II , Siemens SIMATIC S5 & Siemens SICOMP M/R minicomputers.
  • Spare parts for Siemens SIMATIC S5/S7, Siemens Iskamatic,Siemens Simadyn, Siemens Teleperm C/M/ME/XP, Siemens Simatic C1/C2, H&B Contronic, ABB Bailey Infi 90, BBC Procontrol P13 and Decontic systems, GE Speedtronic Speedtronic Mark I, Mark II, Mark III, Mark IV, Mark V, Mark VI, Mark VIe Control Cards.
  • Power supplies, UPS, Transformers, Transducers, Actuators, Motors & Drives (AC/DC), Vibrating motor, Soft Starters, Frequency inverters, HMI, Industrial Monitors, TFT & LCD for recorders, Relays, Fuses, Contacts & Circuit Breakers.
  • LV & HV Cables, Wires, Flexible connectors.

Instrumentation Products:

  • Thermocouples & thermometers (TC & RTD), Flame scanners & spark plugs, Differential pressure transmitters, Pressure switches and gauges, Temperature gauges, Level indicators, Analog & digital counters , Paperless recorders, transmitters.
  • Sensors (Speed, Light, displacement, temperature, Weight, humidity, moisture, vibration, pressure, sound), Positioners, Gas probes, Gas & Water Analyzers, Gas Flow meters, Non-contact magnetic sensors (Customizable according to sample or drawing).
  • Spare parts for fire-fighting and extinguish systems. Beam detectors, Gas, smoke, heat, fire detectors, Electric sounder, call points, Mini disc and control modules.
  • Semi-Conductors, diodes, limit switches, Micro Switches, proximity switch, Coils, Timers, Amplifiers, Converters, burner lamps, Fans.
  • Vibro-meter / Meggit Vibration Monitoring, Sensing systems and spare parts (TQ Sensors, Power supply units, Machinery protection cards MPC,Input/output/Relay Cards, Galvanic separations, Accelerometers, amplifiers, Proximity sensors, IQS conditioners etc.)

Other general and miscellaneous parts:

  • Mechanical Seals, Sealing rings, Oil Seals, Deflectors, Gaskets, Packing rings.
    Air Compressor Filter (Atlas Copco, Hankison, Ingersoll, Compair, Ultrafilter, Zander, Sullair).
  • Oil and lubricants (Original SHELL oils-Made in Germany).
  • Welding Electrodes, Chains & fasteners.
  • Spare parts for Electrolyzers/Electrodialysis.
  • Ceramic & Fireproof parts, Well blocks, Melting & Heating equipment, melting crucibles & pots, Gooseneck, Nozzle heater & head, injection coupling, plunger, tube & chamber furnaces, clamping systems, sleeves in all die casting process, polishing & die-casting machines (Hot & cold chamber).
  • Solar panels & components, solar water heating systems.
  • Raw materials for industries (Oils, Powders, Gypsum additives, Cement additives , Metylan special, Alloys, Sheets, Bars, etc.)

ORIGINAL Spare parts for Wind turbines Type Vestas V47 (660KW)

All CT-Boards (CT3357,CT3409,CT277,CT 3503,CT3514, CT3251,CT 3133,CT3153,CT3364,CT 228,CT 218,CT 217, etc.),VRCC Control units, VRCC Power Electronics, Resistor, THERMOSTAT PROPORTIONAL PTS5, WATCHDOG, Gearboxes, Couplings, Motors, Anemometers, Proportional Valves, Hydraulic & Gear oil, Wind Vane, Surge arister, Hydraulic oil Filter, etc.